Ladies Sleeveless Golf Shirts: Buying Guide And Styling Tips

Ladies sleeveless golf shirts are among the most popular clothing items for summer. And not just for summers, they are great for humid and warm days. Wearing a sleeveless shirt on the golf course keeps your cool, comfortable and stylish at the same time. In this article, we will discuss the things you should consider while buying the sleeveless golf shirts along with a few amazing ways to look stylish in them.


Importance Of Proper Golf Clothing 


The way you dress directly impacts your gameplay. A comfortable, neat and stylish golf attire will make you more confident and will help you to play with full zeal and zest. However, if your clothing is Improper, it will hinder your performance. You’ll stay very uncomfortable and will not be able to focus on your game.


When you go to play golf, you stay on the ground for 5 to 6 hours. This means, your clothing should be comfortable and breathable. It should be according to the weather you’re playing in. Talking about the sleeveless shirts, they are an ideal pick for summer and warm days.


Benefits of Wearing Sleeveless Golf Shirts


  • It keeps you cool on warm days allowing you plenty of air circulation and less sweating.
  • A sleeveless shirt sets your arms free and open.
  • It allows you to soak some sun.
  • It looks very stylish.
  • Great for those who don’t like the material of golf-clothing


Ladies Sleeveless Golf Shirts РBuying Guide 


While there is no shortage of ladies sleeveless golf shirts in the market, not each one of them is worth purchasing. Here are the things you should look for purchasing the right sleeveless golf shirt :


Stretch: Look for the shirts that offer high stretch. Such shirts offer great flexibility and movement while playing.


Design: There are plenty of designs, colors and patterns you can choose from. For summers, prefer having light-coloured shirts as they absorb less heat and keep you cool.


UV Protection: UV protection is very important for sleeveless shirts. Look for the shirts with minimum UV 50+ protection for summers.


Colors: As we already discussed, light colors are the best for summers. Some good examples are white, aqua, cream, baby blue, baby pink etc.


Moisture-Wicking: Moisture-wicking is another important characteristic of golf shirts. It makes it perfect for hot and humid weather.


Fit: Make sure your shirt fits your body perfectly. Don’t go for super body-hugging or oversized shirts. Your shirt should nicely fit around your body and shoulders. It shouldn’t bother you while playing.


Material: Polyester and cotton are the two most used materials for golf shirts. If you’re especially buying a shirt for summer, go for cotton material, it will offer great air circulation and keep you cool.


How To Style Ladies Sleeveless Golf Shirts


Sleeveless shirts are very stylish on their own. You can either pair them with your golf skirts, shorts, trousers, slacks, leggings and whatnot. Pair the light shirts with dark bottoms or you can also achieve a monochrome look by wearing the same color on upper and bottom.

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