Can Chiropractor Treat Vertigo?

Cervical vertigo can be a serious issue if not treated at the right time. This type of vertigo is especially caused due to improper movement of the joints that can cause a neck injury in the cervical joints region. A chiropractor can treat cervical vertigo by adjusting and manipulating the joints. Chiropractor in vertigo has offered great relief to several individuals. Vertigo is common after suffering a neck or head trauma caused by problems in the ear or the pathways of the nervous system.

It is advised by experts to get your vertigo treated by a chiropractor for the best results. If treatment for vertigo if not done at the right time, it may cause several adverse effects such as nausea and vomiting. If you are facing a problem with your vertigo chiropractor can be the right solution for the same.

The chiropractor for vertigo can help a person suffering from vertigo using several techniques, some of which are mentioned below.

Chiropractic Manipulation

In this technique, the chiropractor uses joints that are restricting to move properly by manipulating the targets. The upper neck plays a vital role in the entire body as the faulty motion patterns in the upper neck can create misinformation about the body positions and movements that take place from the joints to the brain. This vertigo condition is better known as cervicogenic vertigo and can be treated by a chiropractor.

Positioning Maneuvers

The body’s main balance centre is located in the inner ear and is called the vestibulocochlear system. This system is responsible to provide information to the central nervous system. Sometimes sit has been seen in many individuals that debris gets accumulated in the system which can be the main cause for vertigo. If the vertigo is caused by the inner ear it is advised to consult with a chiropractor for the best results.

A chiropractor to treat vertigo coming from the ear uses Epley Maneuver, which is a remarkable process to clear the debris and free the tubes. This maneuver helps to reposition the debris in a more suitable position for the best results.


If you suffer from vertigo then there are exercises that a chiropractor can refer to treat your condition. The Brandt Daroff technique is a popular exercise that is performed by the chiropractor to treat vertigo. In this exercise, the person is made to sit on the edge of the bed by the chiropractor and then flop first to one of the sides. The back should remain upright and the person is advised to move to the other side slowly maintain the same position. It is advised to give a one-minute interval on every side for the best results.

Diet and daily habits

Apart from chiropractic manipulation and exercises, the chiropractor will advise diet and adapt daily habits to treat vertigo. Substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine are restricted as it triggers the nervous system and is not advised in this situation. The chiropractor would suggest meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques to help regain control. It is advised to keep visiting the chiropractor in between for the best results.


A chiropractor and acupuncture is trained and the right person to treat vertigo. A chiropractor provides several techniques and solutions that should be implemented. Some of the treatment techniques are mentioned above.

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Facts You Must Know about Back Pain

Back pain is a common health problem that most of us have faced at some or the other point of time in our lives. It can be extremely irritating and nagging in its mild form while it can make you immovable in its extreme form. Excruciating back pain can become a medical emergency and you may have to call in a back pain specialist.


Finding a back pain specialist in Oklahoma City in case you live here can appear to be a difficult task. But if you have a list of some of these specialists in your area, it can be of great help in case of an emergency.


Why Do We Have Back Pain?


Our lifestyle plays a very important role in our overall health. Having pain in the back is a sign that your lifestyle may not be correct. It can also indicate that something is going wrong in your body.


There are many reasons which can cause back pain. Lack of sleep, lifting of heavyweight, obesity, and stress are some of the common reasons for back pain. Back pain may also be symptoms of some more serious health problems such as arthritis, sciatica, ruptured disks, and many more diseases.


Back pain can also be a simple warning by your body that it is not getting proper nutrients.


There is another very important factor that may cause back pain is your age. As you grow from 30 to 40 and beyond, the bones become weaker. This may also lead to back pain.


Sitting for long periods such as 4 to 5 hours in the same postures can also cause back pain.


Finding A Back Pain Specialist in Oklahoma City


If you are suffering from back pain for a few days, you can check your routine and try to find what’s wrong. Try to correct your lifestyle and sleep hours. For example, if you sit for a long time in your workplace, try to take small breaks and go for a small walk for 10 minutes after every 2 hours. If you do heavy weight-lifting, you can reduce the weight so your body does not take much stress while lifting.


But even after making all these changes in your daily life, if your back pain does not go, it may be because of a serious problem.


In this case, you should go to a back pain specialist in your area. You can search online for the best back pain specialist in Oklahoma City, particularly in your area.  You can also take reference from your neighbor and friends to find the best back pain specialist in your area. Once you get a good back pain specialist, he will carry out necessary examinations and diagnose the malady. He will tell you what is causing the back pain and he will also advise you the right treatment and medication. Meeting a specialist will definitely help you in case you have back pain.


Final Thoughts  


With a population of 0.65 million, Oklahoma City is a big metropolis. The city has enough medicos including back pain specialists. You should be able to find some of them in your area. If you have back pain issues, you should keep their numbers handy. You may also choose to consult them even when the problem is mild. It will help you tackle the problems in its early stages.


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