Media Planning & Buying – How to Go ahead with This?

Media buying offers internal marketing value. These agencies deal with companies directly and partner as well to their advertising agencies for marketing. These agencies are meant for client success. Media planning is the marketing strategy that is employed for client’s success.

Significance of media planning

Media planning is targeted to discover the combination of message and media. This enables communication of the product/service related information in an efficient way at reasonable costs. A proper media planning can control meaningless advertisement. This planning makes sure that there is maximum use of the resources that is invested on advertising.

Three crucial rules necessary for media buying

  • Do not settle for any medium media buying and remain open minded.
  • Think outside the box for getting your ad reaching the right place.
  • Make use of tracking system to get responses.

Difference between media buying and planning

Media planners happen to select media for marketing goals of a client. However, media buyers purchase media at reasonable media rates. Some companies blend both media planning and buying.

Three strategies of media planning:

  • Being very creative
  • Sound planning
  • Well planned strategy
  • Efficient media buying

Each of the media buying companies varies and that eventually marks difference in companies and what aspects are offered.


Media buying companies could prioritize media and its expertise to highlight marketing strategies meeting the client. Media agencies set up media creative based plan to target client’s needs. This will ensure the reach to right audience. The media buying creative plan also changes based on the media buying type like radio, TV or printing media.

Planning and Strategy

Media buying companies target on media planning and strategy. This can be a single piece of marketing planning in overall which a media company creates.

This includes:

  • Identifying the best media, publications and markets for purchase.
  • Analyzing the target audience of the cline at a deeper level and in fine detail.
  • Setting up of time frame and the budget ideally suited to achieve targets of the company.
  • Experimental and email marketing are suggested.

Media plan components generally include:

  • Defining/Targeting the marketing issues
  • Scanning and understanding the target audience
  • Content determination
  • Transform these marketing issues into objectives
  • A media solution for media strategies formulation or Control

What do media buying companies specialize?

These agencies specialize in:

  • Identifying the time frame that is best suitable to establish markets, reach target audience and suggest a suitable budget to reach client’s targets.
  • Special insights are available with media agencies due to their tracking of the target audience through ad campaigns.
  • Extensive tie ups with publishers that offer clients with value added services and best rates.
  • Agency can be divided into many sectors such as account planning, trafficking, development of website, management of account, creativity and strategy. It can be subdivided into types of media buying like print, digital, TV or radio and others.


Media planning and buying depends on what your target goal is and the selection of the type of agency that suits your needs and perspective. They are specialized in different areas. The one that fits the experience and offer you the creative plan to meet your target audience and goals is the best. The best blend of media will provide you the best results in meeting your objectives.

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