Different Types of Water Filters

Though many of us may be using water filters in our homes and offices,  we may not have the right kind of information and knowledge about them. This article attempts to throw some light and give some knowledge about the different types of water filters. There is no denying the fact that water filters are no longer considered a luxury but are becoming a necessity. This is because of obvious reasons. The overall quality of potable water, groundwater, and even municipal water have deteriorated across the country and in many parts of the world. Thousands of people get affected because of water-borne diseases and also because of the organic impurities that water often has in it. However, we need to understand that different types of water filters have different functions and we should have a reasonably good idea about them. We are sharing brief details about the major types of water filters and how they function.

Activated Carbon Filters

Also known as pre-filters or carbon filters, these are used almost in every water-filtering system. They are useful when it comes to removing larger particles like silt and sediment from water. They work by having the capacity to absorb and attract these larger particles. Hence when water passes through a carbon filter, it is free from these particles and what you get in your faucet is pure to that extent. Activated carbon filters also help in improving the taste of water and remove odor. This is because they help in reducing the amount of chlorine and various other contaminants that could make the water smelly and poor in taste and bad in odor and smell.

Reverse Osmosis

This is a very popular filtering technology. This is because reverse osmosis is capable of removing all sorts of contaminants that could potentially cause danger to your health. Further, they also contribute quite a bit in making water odor free, pure and clear. The process of reverse osmosis is a bit technical and therefore it is not being explained in more detail.

Water/Alkaline Ionizers

These are special types of filters and they are known to use a process referred to as electrolysis. Water is passed over plates that are electrically charged. It is then separated into two different streams. The first one is alkaline and the other one is acidic. Both types of water have their uses and can be used accordingly. Alkaline water is very good for the skin and the infection control water is also much softer and tastes better when used for drinking and cooking.

UV Filters

These are perhaps the newest technologies as far as water filtration systems are concerned. When UV rays are passed through in water, it has the capability of destroying various stubborn bacteria and viruses and also parasites that could cause big damage to the health. It also is considered to be friendly from the environmental perspective. This is because these filters often do not use chemicals in their purifying process.

Infrared Filters

Along with alkaline filters, this filtration technology is also helpful whenever there is a need to soften hard water. If you are in an area where the water is very hard, using infrared technology will come in very handy. Infrared technology uses a combination of light and heat to negatively charge water and this, in turn, leads to a softer feel.

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