Understanding Bone Marrow Transplant

It is a medical treatment for replacing unhealthy blood cells and replace it with new blood cells. Bone marrow transplant is a process to replace bone marrow that has been destroyed due to chemotherapy, disease and infection. It is a complicated treatment. You need to choose the best blood cancer bone marrow transplant place and hire the best doctor for it.

What is a bone marrow transplant?

Bone marrow is fatty and spongy tissue. It is called stem cell transplant. It can create some of these parts of blood:

  • Red blood cells. It can carry nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.
  • White blood cells. It can fight against infections.
  • Platelets. It is responsible for making clots.

This treatment aids your body to make enough red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. So, you can fight against anaemia, infections and other diseases.

Why you need a bone marrow transplant?

It is done when a person cannot perform well and is not healthy and strong enough to do anything. This may happen due to severe infection, cancer treatment and other diseases. Here are some reasons why a bone marrow transplant treatment is needed for a patient:

  • Due to aplastic anaemia, the marrow cannot create fresh blood cells.
  • Marrow got affected due to cancers like leukaemia, lymphoma and all.
  • Bone marrow is damaged due to other disease and chemotherapy.
  • Thalassemia. It is a severe blood problem and disorder.

What is the best time to have a bone marrow transplant?

It is a complicated treatment and it needs enough time to plan the whole thing and procedure. Transplant treatment is successful if:

  • You have a disease of early stage.
  • There is a very small disease in your body.
  • You will get benefit from the disease after the treatment.
  • Your overall health is good and you are strong enough to go through this procedure.

At first, you need to find a donor for the treatment. The whole treatment takes two to four hours. The stem cells of the donor are being frozen before some days of the transplantation. But the risk is very low if you select the best doctor in town. The success rate depends on the matching factor of donor and recipient. It is tough to find out a good match. So, you need to do a lot of research. But a well-known clinic or hospital can arrange everything for you. You will be fit and fine after three months. At this crucial time, you need to stay protected. The overall recovery rate depends on multiple factors. These are:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation
  • Treatment condition
  • The transplantation place

If you are in the initial stage of recovery time then, you need to notice the signs of infection. You may develop an infection after the bone marrow transplant. So, you need to be very careful after this treatment. You need to stay under regular check-ups. You should listen to your doctor and take medicines on time. You need to check the possible side effects as well. It is necessary to stay under medical supervision after the bone marrow transplant donor match.

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Myths & Facts Related To How To Donate Bone Marrow

Donating of blood marrow is one of the procedures that can help a patient’s life suffering from blood cell degenerating diseases such as blood cancer. Though the bone marrow donation has become quite easy these days, there are lots of myths that are going around. This actually makes it a huge problem for the people who are looking for the right answer to how to donate bone marrow. You need to know what these myths are and what the actual facts are. This will help you to make a sound decision on whether you want to donate the stem cells or not.

Myth 1: Donating bone marrow is painful

Well, this is one of the most popular myths that everyone believes to be the truth. The fact is that donating the bone marrow is much less painful than you can probably think. Many mistakenly believe that this procedure is very painful which is not. To make it worse some of the TV shows or movies widely exaggerate it to give it a dramatic look. While discomfort and pain can be there, it depends more of one person to another.

Myth 2: Tremendous side effects

While it is true that there can be some side effects for the bone marrow donation, but they are not as awful as it is believed. Some of the common side effects include back pain, headache, fatigue etc. Majority of the time a donor will not even face these side effects the next day after the donation. Again, the severity of the side effects depends from one person to another.

How to donate bone marrow?

The process of bone marrow donation is quite simple. Though it is a surgical procedure, it is complete safe and of very low pain. It is performed by the specialized health care professionals with great experience in the same. Once the donor is approved and all the tests are done, the process of donation will start. Here the healthcare professional will provide anesthesia to the donor so that they feel no pain during the donation.

With the use of a needle, the doctor will withdraw the liquid marrow from the pelvic bone on your back side. This can be done by doing two small punctures. Once it is done, the process ends here. Your part as a donor is over. The rest is on the doctor who will have to now process it further and transplant it to the patient’s body.

Final Words

This is all about the process of bone marrow donation. The process is quite simple and it doesn’t need much effort or pain. Though you will be advised to take complete rest for a day or two after the donation is done, you are completely safe. It is advised so that there is no bruising or pain in the back of your pelvic bone from where the bone marrow is extracted. Within few days, you will be back to normal and you can start your normal lifestyle and day to day work without any problem.

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