Difference Between Luxury & Ordinary Apartment

Whether you are planning to invest in a luxury apartment or an ordinary apartment, or even if you are planning to take the same on rent, there are a few things that you must bear in mind. You must know the main differences between luxury and ordinary apartments. Without this difference in mind, you might end up making the wrong choice and end up on the losing side of the entire bargain. There is no doubt that when it comes to quality, convenience, location, comfort and style, luxury apartments in Nichols Hills and surrounding areas stand apart from the rest of the crowd. However, not many of us have the right knowledge and information about these types of apartments. Hence, it would be a good idea to have some basic idea about the differences between luxury and ordinary apartments. It will be helpful to the readers whether they are planning to buy something of their own or are planning to take a luxury apartment on hire. It will also help the readers and other interested persons to stay away from those homeowners, and also agents who try to pass ordinary apartments as luxury ones just by making some cosmetic changes to the exteriors and other such fixtures and fittings.

Price Is A Factor

There is no doubt that price is one of the most obvious and differentiating factors when it comes to luxury apartments and an ordinary one. The scale of difference would vary on various parameters and attributes. However, normally you can be sure that luxury apartments would be at least 30 to 50% more expensive when compared to ordinary ones. In some cases, the difference could also be higher and there are many special luxury apartments in Northwest OKC where the price differential could be as high as 100% if not more.

Investment Perspective 

While many people buy both luxury as well as ordinary apartments from an investment perspective, there are a few important points that we should keep in mind. The rental value of luxury apartments is of course much higher. This again could vary from place to place and from apartment to apartment. However, normally, you can expect luxury apartments to cost at least 40% as far as rentals are concerned. Even from pure investment perspectives, there are reasons to believe that luxury apartments fetch much higher returns and the returns could be as much as 50% more when compared to ordinary apartments.

Space, Location, Amenities & Facilities

There is no denying the fact that luxury apartment is mostly located in the upscale neighborhoods of Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. Most ordinary apartments would be located in areas that are away from the prime locality. The infrastructure in and around luxury apartments would most certainly be much better when compared to ordinary apartments. They also will have better common facilities and amenities. Finally, space both inside and outside these luxury apartments would be much more when you compare it with ordinary apartments.


Last but not the least, the safety and security features of luxury apartments would be much better and they will most certainly have many additional safety features to offer to the customers or even the tenants who occupy these homes and apartments.

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