The Usage of Phone Call Tracking Software

A call tracking software can be effective to promote your business smoothly by tracking a lot of things. Many businesses use call tracking software. However, some of them do not use all the features. They are not aware that call tracking can contribute to the overall growth of the business by giving the most effective information. Call tracking can do more in addition to call recording and source information.

Call tracking will enable businesses to attribute those calls to their marketing channels and get many benefits such as local SEO, pay-per-click, and other offline and online marketing strategies. In brief, call tracking can fix a lot of marketing concerns that include lead scoring, keyword research, and lead attribution. You can expect all these benefits if you know how to use this software in your business.

Ways to Use Call Tracking

Dynamic number insertion is one of the key features of call tracking. It will swap out the numbers fast from your pool of numbers to enable you to relate calls with some specific numbers. The dynamic number insertion will allow you to track the source of calls including the marketing campaign and advertisements.

Another feature is the multi-channel attribution. This feature can enable you to track the entire journey of your customers and what motivated them to make a call. Multi-channel distribution allows you to get the touchpoint that leads to a call. In addition to the above, you can know the last action of the caller before the call.

The call tracking can enhance the existing analytic platform. Some phone call tracking software can integrate with many popular tools such as Google Ads, HubSpot, Analytics, and KISSmetrics.  The integration will help you to have the full picture of the marketing ROI.

Also, call tracking comes with some advanced features such as call transcription, call highlights, and keyword-level tracking. If you do not want to listen to recordings, you can take the help of the call transcription. It will transcribe the call recordings intelligently at a glance. Keyword tracking will enable users to select the keyword that they want to be flagged in calls. For instance, if you are planning to release new product integration, you can simply flag the name of the integrating software.  It will help to optimize the content.

For more benefits, you can use keywords for the product features to make sure that your sales department can prepare the right sales collateral for demos and calls. Another advanced feature of call tracking is call highlights. It will tag the common keywords automatically in each call. As a result, you might find some unexpected insights. It will help you to optimize your campaign in a better way.

Wrapping Up

These are some usage of advanced call tracking. Call tracking can be used as a game-changer. It can help businesses to go through the roots of customers and to know what channels inspire them to make a call. A deep insight into the caller demographic will help businesses to dominate the industry, satisfy the customers, and capture more leads.