Finding the Best Schools in the Tampa Area

Tampa, situated on the Gulf Coast of Florida in Tampa bay, is one of the most exciting cities in Florida. Its population is nearly 400,000. Thus the city is known not only for its beaches and tourist attractions but also for some of the best schools in Tampa area. Some of the schools in this district are now for their top rating.

It is very important to know about some of the top-rated schools for your kids in this region, especially when you are planning to settle down in this district. The best method of finding the best schools for your kids is to prepare a list of top-rated schools in this area and then scrutinize them one by one to find the best school in your neighborhood.

Some of these schools are briefly described here under for your consideration while choosing one for your kids. These schools are reviewed based on their test results, recognition on the national level, and rating.

Schools in Pinellas County in Largo, FL

Pinellas County is the 7th largest district in Florida in terms of the best schools in the Tampa area.  150 schools serve more than 104,000 students. Some of the largest suburbs of Tampa including St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Osceola, and Largo are served by the schools of Pinellas County. Some of the highly rated schools in this county include a charter school, Discovery Academy of Science Charter School due to its test scores that exceed the average score in Florida, and the reviews of the parents of the students studying there.

Public schools in Hillsborough County, Tampa, FL

In the area of Tampa, Hillsborough County is one of the counties that are known for their top schools. All the top schools in this county are served by more than 15,000 teachers to teach nearly 215,000 students. In this year, 7 public high schools of Hillsborough County were able to get a position in the list of 10 best schools in the Tampa area.

School District of Hernando county, Brooksville, FL

The headquarters of the School District of Hernando County is in Brooksville. It serves all the schools in this county situated in the north of Tampa, Florida. Though this district is far away from Tampa the county of Hernando is still a part of Tampa metro city. In this school district, there are 28 schools in which elementary schools are 10, high schools 5, and charter schools are 3.

Schools in Pasco County, Land O’ Lakes, FL

Though the School District of Pasco County is smaller than the districts of Pinellas and Hillsborough counties still its above-average schools serve almost 74,000 students in all. Some of the best schools in this school district include College Board AP District which remained constantly the largest best school of the Year for 10 years. It is one of the best districts that were honored with enrolment on the Honor roll of AP District. It is the only American school that has been selected for the category of the large school district.

Thus, you can find a number of the best schools in Tampa area for your kids.

5 Ways to Choose Best Schools in Tampa Bay Area

When it comes to schools, there is a wide choice in selecting a school in Tampa Bay, Florida. There is rapid development in education with government and private funding scholarships for lower incomes, tax credit programs, home/virtual education, and others. There are public, private, home schools, and others to choose amongst the best schools in the Tampa Bay Area.

With careful planning and assessment, a school has to be selected that suits your requirements, geography, and budget.

5 ways to choose the best schools in the Tampa Bay Are

  1. Write down the priority points– You may want to jot down what points of priority to you when you are selecting a school for your child. Through the selection process, you can match these points to the different schools around you and in the area. This way, you can shortlist the schools. For instance, you are looking for public schools in and around your area, and in a specific budget, then you are going to shortlist the schools with these priorities. In the list, there are no home schools and no private schools.
  2. Consider the needs of a child keeping your family in perspective– If your child has special needs or a specific language, then your school should be able to accommodate that in a structured environment. The school should be able to accommodate a child’s challenges with individual attention. Other needs, such as assignment help or programs that help with the language or subject have to be considered within the school during the selection process. Select the school based on the learning style of the child such as by listening, activities, and so on. Does the school accommodate extra activities like music and art? Does the location of the school accommodate your mobility costs? Does the school offer home/virtual schooling if required by you? These are some factors you may want to consider.
  3. Get all the information about the schools– Evaluating schools can be done by the performance of the school, your friends/relatives/neighbors kids going to the school or through the internet. Gather all the data regarding the schools and look for reviews and reports you can get in regards. Get reliable information about the school that shall assist in your school selection. Parents forums, open fairs by the school, and some websites can help you with this information. It is essential to get a good education for your child. The information to be gathered can be about curriculum, sports, their learning approach, tutoring, academic performance, behavior policy, class strength, academic help, and so on. Information on school activities in and after school, extra-curricular activities, safety, facilities, services, and canteen/food provided are other aspects to look for within a school.
  4. Observe and visit the school– Once all the information is gathered, the shortlisted school list will result in a priority list of schools. These schools are the ones to be visited through an appointment, wherever possible. This will give you an insight into school during their working hours. It is best to avoid school visits during the last or first week of any term. You can also visit the school through an open house or school events, or a parent-teacher met. This is where you can get an insight into the teacher’s attention, staff’s method of dealing with children and parents, and other valuable information regarding the school. Observe the teacher as they are the ones who will deal with your kids. The work, accomplishments, and interaction will give you an idea of the school culture.
  5. Apply to the finalized set of schools selected– Apply to more than one school of your choice after understanding their admission procedure thoroughly.


Your child is of utmost importance to you. You know your child’s strengths, personality, and weaknesses. He or she should be treated fairly and educated efficiently to achieve significantly and be successful. Hence, the best school in the Tampa Bay Area is best for your child.

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