Why Shouldn’t You Wash Your Car Yourself And Choose a Professional Instead?

When it’s time to wash your car, say every month, we fall into a dilemma whether to do it ourselves or head to a commercial or a professional car wash in Norman OK.

Why Choose a Professional?

A thorough and extensive car wash with all the care taken can be obtained only with a professional.

Water Conservation

Commercial car wash systems are designed by manufacturers in such a way that the car is cleaned with efficient use of water. The water-use is around 38 gallons on an average for each car wash. At each stage, the water is saved without compromising the quality of the wash. Newer models reduce water consumption even more with their high technological design. It is eco-friendly. A commercial car washing can save water, but it also preserves pain coating on your car. It is eco friendly and time-saving.

Water Reclaiming Systems

Washing your car at home will drain the grease, dirt, and grime off the car to the closest sewer drain. This goes straight to local water bodies. Sewer drains are designed to avoid flooding of rainwater and not to contaminate water. On the other hand, commercial/professional car wash systems make use of a water reclaiming system to clear up pollutants by filtration. The water that is filtered is reused for several washes. Post this, the water is sent down the drain. Filtering is done either by a 3-tank system or reverse-osmosis or other onsite purification systems.

Pollutant Regulation

You cannot test water for harmful pollutants at home once you finish car washing. Commercial or professional car washes are regulated strictly by their local municipalities. The wastewater should undergo regular testing to make sure that it doesn’t comprise of harmful chemicals in more than legal proportions. Several car washes employ companies who dispose of the harmful waste safely as per EPA regulations.

Wash Quality

A home car wash may not generate sufficient water pressure to eliminate tougher dirt. Making use of rags, towels and sponges can scratch the paint of the car due to dust particles stuck within them. Whereas a professional car wash and detail in Edmond offers different wash choices such as tunnel wash to in-bay automatic wash. They provide a comprehensive and stronger car wash.

Car Impact

Several people have a misconception that a commercial or professional car wash can harm their vehicle. However, contemporary car wash is not so. The car wash equipment is such that there is no harm done to the car surface or the interiors. They make use of softer brushes and water spray is through pipes that are placed at a safe distance to the car.

Use Of Car Washing Detergents

Several people make use of dishwashing detergents to wash their cars at home. This can harm the car painting and eliminate car wax. When the wash is done under direct sunlight, there can be a risk of burn spots within the car paint. A commercial or a professional car wash will not harm the car paint or wax as they make use of detergents meant specifically for a car wash. The brushing is done with soft brushes to ensure no harm done.

Bottom Line

A professional car wash is safer, eco-friendly, cost-effective, and time-saving. It saves you the hassle of overdoing or an inefficient car wash. Head on for a commercial car wash to get the right and efficient wash.

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What Does The Process Of Car Detailing Consist Of?

You must have heard that car detailing is important for your car’s health and good performance. But have you ever wondered what is done in the process of car detailing? Well, it is not only about cleaning. There are a lot of important things that are done during the detailing of the car. If you want to know more about this, you are at the right place. We will discuss all the essential points that you have to keep in mind. Also, you will understand why this car detailing is so important for your car.

Exterior detailing of car

The first thing that one notices about a car is its exterior. Once can attract a lot of attention if you have a beautiful exterior. The car can look beautiful and good as a new car if you choose car detailing in Norman OK regularly. It can help in restoring the gloss by repainting and re-waxing the car. The car will look clean as it will be completely free from grease, dirt and stains. Some of the common steps of the car detailing process are:

  • Wash & dry: Of course, you need to make sure that the exterior of your car look perfectly cleaned and beautiful. That is only possible when you wash the car properly. In car detailing process, the cars go through high-powered wash followed by a thorough hand-washing with mild soap.
  • Clay: Another important step of the exterior detailing is the claying of the car. Here the detailer will use the clay bar for removing any traces of the overspray. This can remove the marks of water and soap scums that cannot be removed by any other methods.
  • Polish: The next step after the clay process is the polish. It is normal for any car to lose its shine after regular uses. But you need to make sure that you are restoring the shine by the polish.
  • Seal: The next process is sealing where wax is applied above the painted surface to lock the shine and paint of the car.

Interior detailing of car

As much as it is important to clean the exterior of the car, it is also important to clean the car’s interior. Cleaning the interior is important for improving the comfort as well as looks of the car. Some of the steps for car interior detailing are:

  • Vacuuming: The first step that you have to take is the vacuuming. This can help in cleaning the dirt and dusts from the interior of the car i.e. seats and floors.
  • Brushing and shampooing: This is the next step which is important for removing the blemishes and stains of the car seats and glasses.
  • Deodorizing: This is the last and final step after cleaning the car. This helps in eliminating all the bad smell and odor.


So, these are some of the steps that one should take for the car detailing process. This process can help you to keep the car clean inside out and thoroughly. There is no doubt that you must get your cars cleaned properly at a regular interval.

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